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s3anlation ~all about Arashi scanlations~
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♫ s3anlation ~All about Arashi scanlations~ is English version of Japanese medias feat. Arashi - Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun, Ninomiya Kazunari, Ohno Satoshi and Sakurai Sho.
♫ Helpful graphics editing tips and tutorials are also shared here as well.

important notes!

♫ Posts are members-locked. Join this community to read and to get update with new post.
♫ NO SHARING PASSWORD-PROTECTED RELEASES / REPOSTING/ REUPLOADING/ REDISTRIBUTION/ PERSONAL CLAIM of published scanlations including tutorials to ANY online site. For personal use only.
♫ All scanlations will be of Arashi, unless the emergence of some random scanlations that might be of interest to the scanlators.
♥ s3anlation ♥

♫ A community created for the purpose of sharing translated scans a.k.a 'scanlations'.
♫ "s3anlation" specialisation is Arashi.
♫ Originally, "s3anlation" is derivation of two Arashi scanlators, Aida and Snow work collaborations with various Arashi translators and scans uploaders.
♫ "s3anlation" is here, thanks to Snow and Angela for their ideas, loves, hardwork - they put their best effort in everything, from start to end ♥
♫ "s3anlation" and its tagline is an original name given by Snow.

Disclaimer: We do not owe any of these scans. Each magazines belongs to the rightful owners and publishers. The scanlation is made with the purpose of better understanding of the content (of the magazines) to English speakers. We only take credit for scanlating.
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