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21 February 2011 @ 04:00 am

1: An act or process of directly putting translation on to scanned materials. 2: Translated scans.

(1) s3anlation
A MODERATED-MEMBERSHIP community maintained by eve_aida and snoew mainly for the purposes of sharing scanlations and other helpful tips on scanlation tutorials.

(2) rules
1. Absolutely NOT TO MODIFY the edited scans into graphics.
2. Absolutely NO SHARING PASSWORD-PROTECTED RELEASES / REPOSTING/ REUPLOADING/ REDISTRIBUTION of links, published scanlations and tutorials including RETRANSLATION/ TRANSLATION RIP of contributors' translation and magazine scans links to ANY online site. Please keep it within the community and the scanlations including tutorials are for personal use only.
3. DO NOT take and claim the scanlations and tutorials as your own.

(3) join
1. Effective on 2014, February 07, s3anlation is going to be a moderated-membership community. Reason: "anonymous-member(s)" violated the community rules as our scanlations were reuploaded/ republished elsewhere.
2. By joining, we believe you understand, agree and can abide by the rules stated in clause (2).
3. Please click JOIN and wait for the moderators' approval.

Thank you.